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Tuberose Sclerosis (epiloia): Symptoms, Cause and Treatment

What is Tuberose Sclerosis (epiloia)?

Tuberose Sclerosis (epiloia) is a hereditary disorder which causes to the various non cancerous tumors on the any part of the body like skin, kidney, brain etc and it may be result in mental retardation and skin abnormality.

Causes of Tuberose Sclerosis (epiloia)

Following are the causes which is caused to this disease-

  • Autosomal dominant
  • Linkage to two genes
  • TSC1 and TSC2

Symptoms of Tuberose Sclerosis (epiloia)

  • Epilepsy
  • Adenoma sebaceum on face
  • White skin patches
  • Tumors like nodules on the skin
  • Retinal phakoma
  • Subungual fibromata
  • Associated multiple tumors in kidney
  • Spleen, and lungs
  • Mental retardation

Treatment of Tuberose Sclerosis (epiloia)

Drugs are required for the treatment of epilepsy and surgery includes laser technique is useful for the treatment of Facial angiofibromas. To remove ungual fibromas diathermy and laser technique is helpful.


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