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Postnatal Depression

Other name - Post Partum

Get back into action - Your baby is 3 months old, you've gotten over the post partum depression, and your spouse is now clamoring for some attention, you'd like to restart the sex but are worried about the discomfort. What can you do to make things easier? Quite a lot, in fact. But first, see your doctor for a postpartum checkup, Although it's common to feel sore during intercourse for up to 8 weeks after delivery, severe or persistent pain is not the norm. Once your physician determines that you're healing properly, try these tips for rediscovering satisfying sex:

SOAK: Reduce the painful swelling of an episiotomy or vaginal tear with a daily 10- to 15-minute dip in a warm bath while the baby naps.

Lubricate: Use water based lubricant, such as KY jelly before intercourse. (Petroleum-based lubricants may cause irritation and damage latex condoms.)

Post delivery vaginal dryness is generally caused by a surge in prolactin, a hormone secreted during breastfeeding.

Swapping the breast for a bottle won't necessarily spur moisture production, however. Even a woman who doesn't breastfeed can expect dryness for up to 6 months, as her hormones return gradually to their pre-pregnancy levels. What's more, breastfeeding can actually get you back in shape faster.

Squeeze: Practice Kegel exercises. Some women, in anticipation of sexual discomfort, tense their vaginal muscles upon penetration, which results in you guessed it - pain. To avoid making your pain worse, learn to relax your vagina. Kegels - in which you tighten the muscles around the vagina, hold for 4 seconds, and then release - will teach you how. Aim for 10 to 20 repetitions, 10 times a day.

Exercise will make you feel good about your body, and sexier.

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