Anxiety Depression Treatment

What is Depression?

Depression in some form is a common experience, but there are many grades and depths of this condition,

Most people have days when they feel a bit fed up or not as happy as on other days but for some, depression is a very serious, sometimes life-threatening condition. Depression after childbirth is common.

Yes, depression is a real illness. Many people will dispute this fact because everyone gets upset from time to time.  So the answer is still yes, depression is very real. 

Clinical depression has physical causes that can and should be treated once a diagnosis is made. Medical professionals agree that at some point in their lives, about 10% of Americans will experience some level of depression. Sometimes, it is a one time thing and sometimes it is recurring throughout the lifetime of the patient.

Depression involves physical, emotional and mental states of a person suffering from the condition. It's much more than sadness that will eventually go away on its own. The patient usually has little control over their ability to come out of an episode and time is often the best medicine when used in conjunction with a treatment plan from a physician. There are many variations of depression, and if left untreated the condition will undoubtedly worsen.

Depression may also affect marital relationships due to loss of sexual urges and other social activities which most couples enjoy.

Professional individuals experiencing depression may find it difficult to manage their work along side their relationships with family and friends. They find it hard to find enjoyment in petty things and usually prefer to be alone and suffer silently amidst the unsuspecting people around them.

This makes it even harder for patients to be treated successfully because they refuse to acknowledge the existence of the symptoms underlying clinical depression. Both proper education and treatment are required in order to fully identify and treat the specific diseases debilitating an individual with this condition.

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