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Depression Causes

What causes depression?

There may be an obvious reason for depression (reactive depression) such as loss of a loved one, or the break-up of a relationship, In many cases it may be due to a chemical imbalance within the brain.

Quite often there is no very obvious cause. It may even be that everything seems perfect: good health, secure job, no financial stress and loved ones around, Depression often comes from inside (endogenous depression) and is often inexplicable and difficult for non-sufferers to understand.

With a depressive illness the sad mood may go on for long periods of time and may be severe enough to make life seem not worth living.

Historically, depression has been seen as a weakness, something not to give in to. Nowadays we have much more understanding but many people with depression are still afraid to complain about it and feel that others will not understand.

Others with depression may express it physically, complaining of constant headaches or stomach aches.

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