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Valium for Anxiety

What Is Valium?

From the big niche of antidepressants and anti anxiety drugs, there exists Valium, which separates out in a better way. Valium is an anti-depressant drug that is used for the treatment of anxiety. It has many different names, but the brand name is Diazepam which belongs to a class of drugs known as "Benzodiazepines". Diazepam gained recognition in the nineteen sixties when it was nicknamed as "Mothers little helper" and inspired a song that has been turned into a classic. It battles the chemical imbalance in the brain that is thought to trigger anxiety. It is also used for the treatment of seizures and muscle spasms.

Side Effects of Valium for Anxiety

Like any other drug, Valium also has some minor side effects in approximately thirty percent of all patient that take them. These are Abdominal cramps, blurred vision, dry mouth, racing heartbeat or palpitations, shaking or slurred speech, urination problems, convulsions, hallucinations, memory loss, staggering, severe headache, Sleepiness or confusion.

If you experience any of these side affects, it is advisable to contact your physician immediately. Do not wait because you think that your body just needs to get adjusted to the Valium. These may be signs of a far more serious side effect.

Precautions of Valium for Anxiety

There are always risks that come with taking any prescription drug and certain precautions are necessary to take; and Valium is no different.

It is recommend that you do not stop taking valium without consulting your physician as you may feel withdrawal effects it you take valium for more than three weeks continuously.

It is also recommend that alcohol be avoided while taking Valium as it adds to drowsiness. Valium is not for everyone who has anxiety. If a woman is pregnant, Valium should be avoided, as it will harm the fetus. This is fact is conclusive, and doctors will order up a pregnancy test for all women who are within child bearing years. This is a much needed precaution. Your physician should be notified of all the medications that you are taking. Valium is known to hamper the effects of other drugs. Your doctor will decide if Valium is right for you. It is imperative the he or she know your complete medical history. This includes prior drug use or abuse. Valium has a negative effect on people who have abused drug.

Before you use Valium, it is important that understand what you are taking. It is within a group of anti-depressants that can cause the part of your brain that controls your emotions and causes you to go very slowly. Some describe the feeling as being in a fog, unable to concentrate and everything surreal. Some have found that when they take Valium, it affected their work drastically. The quality of their work suffered, their concentration was off, and they had a hard time focusing with the task they were assigned.

Parents of teenager, who have been prescribed and take Valium, have found that their children's grades fall, and they do not have the ability to focus on something for very long, and they become lethargic. Some parents have had to change their child's medication from Valium to something that is not as strong.

Alternate Options and Therapy for Anxiety

There are certain types of natural herbal medications that can be purchase over the counter. Herbal remedies are known to have medicinal properties. Medical doctors dismiss this type of therapy and warn people that without the proper control and medication, it is possible that they could have some kind of psychotic break.

Before you decide to take Valium, speak to your doctor about alternatives to the drug therapy. There are programs that may be right for you. Speak to our doctor about all of your concerns. Do not be afraid to address any questions no matter how you may feel.

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