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Dealing with Stress - How to cope up with Stress?

Stress has been identified as the greatest killer of this century. It has been found to be the cause of all types of illnesses, coronary problems, digestive disorders, heart problems and even diabetes. But the present style of living hardly allows anyone to keep away from stress. The cut throat competition in working life, consumerism and a lust for more is the deep malaise causing factors. But one can try to control the stress factor to a large extent. With constant effort stress can be controlled and kept in check.

Stress busters:

  • Regular exercise - any form of exercise, be it walking, skipping, swimming, play any game will help you relieving stress.
  • Music is one of the best remedies to reduce stress. Listen to soft and soothing music or better still, start playing some instruments.
  • Take a frequent break from works. Go on a vacation at least once a year. Get away from the city and try out the small towns or hills. Seas have a calming effect, too.
  • Take up hobbies and interest - have something to do besides your profession.
  • Get to know yourself better - understand your limitations. No one is a super human. Everyone makes mistakes and there are limits to his capability. Accept this truth and flow with it.
  • Get religious. Religion is one of the best healers and stress busters. Meditation is the ultimate. Practice yoga and meditation.

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