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The only problem with anxiety and its repurcussions is that you are only one who can experience the effects of it. There certainly is no fun in having problems with anxiety at any time. So, that leaves you with basically two reasonable courses of action. First, you can get all your help through a pill, and possibly become both physically and psychologically dependent on it.  And, secondly, you can learn a few procedures to give you some anxiety self help .

Pills are never a permanant - to stay solution.  They may be necessary for a time, but they also can create a dependency.  True freedom will not come from a pill.  It is advised, however, that you see a doctor from the start, in order to ensure that there is not some physical reason for it - that remains unattended. Many people that have had difficulties with anxiety have now learned how to deal with it, apart from drugs.   Although the problems won't always disappear, you can obtain a few anxiety self help tools to deal with it when it comes.

Self help tips for anxiety treatment

Get some exercise - Although this may sound simplistic, it is just as important as your diet to maintain an overall good body tone.

Exercise will help your body to cope with the stresses that are placed on it by being anxious. It will also help to relieve some of that stress that is being built up. A good exercise program, for about 30 minutes a day, will help the brain to work better through promoting the better functioning of your neurotransmitters.  It also will help to produce more endorphins; will help you to fell better.

Check your diet - Our bodies are made to function best when we have a regular, daily, intake of vitamins, minerals, etc, to maintain a set balance.  This balance needs to be kept, or problems can result - yes, even emotional and mental ones.  Deficiencies in the diet are proven to be linked to panic disorders.  Be sure to get about 2,00mg of calcium, with about 1,000mg of magnesium.  We also need iron, potassium, selenium and chromium - all will help to arm you with proper anxiety self help.

Much of the rest of our needs, apart from the usual, can be gained by eating lots of veggies, fish, whole grains, and nuts. Another important aspect of you diet is that there are some definite foods to avoid.  These include those things that contain refined sugar, soft drinks, alcohol, coffee, and any else that has caffeine in it - like tea, or chocolate.

Get enough sleep - Sleep is a natural relaxer - if we get enough of it.  How often do we tend to push ourselves to stay up longer to accomplish those things we could not finish earlier?  There is a law in effect that deals with sowing and reaping.  This is also true of our bodies.  We may be able to handle it when we're younger - but we'll pay for it when we're older!  Treat sleep as your friend - it is not there to hurt you.  Instead, we may be simply trying to accomplish more than we must.  Learn to let some of those other things go, and perform some anxiety self help.

Remove a negative attitude - Negativism adds stress to our minds and bodies.  There are many other outside influences that can cause stress - we don't need to add to it.  Learn to think in a more positive way, and refuse to allow negative thoughts, feelings toward others, etc. ruin your day.

Learn how to relax - Here is a big one.  Constant activity builds stress and gives it no vent for release.  It is the unwinding of both the mind and the body that gives anxiety self help.  Several things are important here.  Learn what things you like to do that makes you relax - is it listening to music, talking to a friend, working on a crossword puzzle, read a good book, take a walk, a nap, paint a picture, or some other hobby?  Whatever it is, take some time every day to enjoy it, and to de-stress.

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