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Anxiety Attacks

You have probably heard of people having an anxiety attack before, but you might be unaware of what an anxiety attack really is. Basically, an anxiety attack is a sudden occurrence of intense feelings of anxiety and even panicking. Now that you know what an anxiety attack is you are probably curious as to why people experience them and if you yourself are at risk of experiencing an anxiety attack.

Anybody can have an anxiety attack when all of the right elements come together at one time. Some people are more at risk for anxiety attacks than others, however when an anxiety causing situation arises anyone might respond by having an anxiety attack. The amygdala, an almond shaped part of your brain, is the cause of every anxiety attack you ever have. Even if you only have one or if you suffer from a daily anxiety attack you can rest assured the amygdala is to blame.

Now that you know your anxiety attack is not something that just happens, but has an actual cause you are relieved. What happens is the amygdala is predisposed to prompting an anxiety attack due to heredity or other factors and then an external factor occurs such as an anxiety causing event and this provides the amygdala with the missing piece of the puzzle for the anxiety attack. And then the hardship begins because your once normal and social life turns into an anxiety attack waiting to happen.

There are many treatment options from medicine to talk therapy; however one of the best treatments for an anxiety attack that really works long term is the Linden Method. Many people have "cured" their anxiety attack with this method, so give it a try if medications and other treatment options aren't working.

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