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Anxiety and Sleep 

Anxiety is a common reaction to powerful stress, such as money troubles. People who react to daily stress with anxiety probably need counseling, though they must not realize that.

Any small amount of anxiety or stress can lead to a lot of lost sleep. This shows that Anxiety and Sleep do not mix together. It can be seen in many anxiety cases that a lack of sleep is to blame when people fall victim to anxiety. Sleep is a big reason why so many people can go on all day, then when they feel tired during the evening they can go to bed and re-charge their batteries and get ready for another day. However if you do not get enough sleep then your brain cannot function as well as you would expected it to. This can lead to people suffering from small episodes of fear and then moving onto anxiety.

Solution for anxiety and sleep problems

No single type of therapy is better for all people. Your choice should depend on what works for you.

Too much caffeine can cause chronic anxiety. Cutting down on caffeine may help you relax. Caffeine is found in coffee, soft drinks, tea, chocolate, nonprescription stimulants and a variety of cold and headache remedies.

Relaxation techniques and a program of regular physical exercise can help reduce anxiety.

Don't bottle up your emotions. Letting your anger out or bursting into tears is a method by which you can let out your steam.

Eat good, wholesome food and lead a regular life style.

Deficiencies in vitamin B, calcium, copper, iron or magnesium can cause sleeping disorders.

Learn to laugh if you have forgotten to do so. Let the child in you surface. Laugh at yourself and watch the effect. Laughter is always the best medicine.

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