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Survival of the Fittest? Overcoming Panic Attack

Overcoming panic attack problems has been the goal of many North Americans, and many of us don't even realize what that entails. This brief article will describe, in detail, the differences in the quality of life of a person without panic attack symptoms and a person with panic attack symptoms. Overcoming panic attack symptoms can be challenging and dealing with them normally changes the fabric of life at its very core. It is never easy and often misunderstood.

How to overcome your attacks:

  • Try not to indulge thoughts about what could happen. Strive to keep your thoughts on what you are doing or where you are now. Stay out of the past and out of the future. If you "stay in the now," your anxiety level will come down.
  • breathe into a paper bag. By doing this you re-breathe your own carbon dioxide. This helps to correct the blood acid level that had been upset by over-breathing which makes symptoms worse (described above).
  • Go for a walk, look at the ocean, listen to music you love, sopend time with people who treat you well, read positive literature, be kind to yourself in every way.
  • Accept panic when it happens
  • Practice diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation skills.
  • Remember that it will take time to reeducate yourself. Consider your options for practice every day. Be committed to recovery, but don't be rigid and perfectionistic.

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