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A Changed Life: Dealing With Panic Attack Symptoms

Dealing with panic attack symptoms changes the way people exist. The first step in dealing with panic attacks is to observe the thoughts that go through your head during times of stress. Panic attacks often begin or escalate when you talk yourself into a more stressful mood by dwelling on things that are very scary and depressing.

How can I deal a panic attack if I have one?

There is no 'best way' to handle panic attacks. Your best approach depends on you, the situation at the time, how you feel and so on. However, generally, for long-term benefit, the best way to handle a panic attack is to stay in the situation until it subsides.

think during an attack

When an anxiety or panic attack actually hits, people do not realize what they are thinking or doing. One should understand that the feelings during an attack are "normal." This will help trivialize and rationalize the experience. Seeing yourself from a third-person perspective depersonalizes the condition and lowers its effects.

Some points:

  • Try to curb the thoughts that lead to anxiety. Attempt to replace those thoughts with rational ones. Once you get used to saying the same thing over and over, your mind will remember these thoughts automatically.
  • If it's possible try to work on a hobby or something that takes your complete focus.
  • Simply moving to a different location can sometimes get you out of a panic attack.

If your problem is serious to the point where you find yourself regularly avoiding necessary things like driving, going to work, or walking in public, then you should seek professional help.

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