Anxiety Depression Treatment

Which drugs should I consider and what are their side-effects?

The decision on which drugs to take is best decided between the individual and their treating doctor.

Most drugs generate lengthy lists of possible adverse effects, even though the probability of a patient developing most of them is, at worst, slight and in most cases negligible. However, some antidepressant drugs have potentially very severe side-effects, particularly if taken in conjunction with other drugs. It is the responsibility of the treating clinician to address these issues at the individual level.

For those seeking reference material on the side-effects of drugs, drug interactions and drug safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding, two publications are recommended: Psy chotropic Drug Guidelines and The Maudsley Prescribing Guidelines.

Most pharmaceutical companies provide quite detailed product information leaflets addressing side-effects and commonly raised questions about individual drugs. Bimonthly and yearly MIMS Manuals (Monthly Index Medical Specialty) give detailed and abbreviated information on drug side-effects and related issues.

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